American Galloway
Breeders Association

We learned way back that it's not always in our best interest to chase every fad that rushes by.

We watched the great frame race of the last two decades, and kept our cattle moderate in size and mature weight - even though it was unfashionable to do so.

Then we witnessed the industry push for maximum lean, and questioned how long consumers would buy beef that's too tough, that has no flavor.

And we wondered how long cattle producers could tolerate heavily-muscled open heifers, and bulls that couldn't get the job done when the going got tough.

That's why we breed Galloway.



If you missed the 2014 National Western Stock Show, here is just a peek at what you missed! The Denver Special!

ATTENTION: The 2014 bi-annual World Galloway Congress will be held in Germany this September. Click Here for details!

A black Galloway bull. Solids are the original Galloway,and black is the predominant color,